Larry Scott

Larry Scott for State Senate District 42

Fighting for Industry, Fighting for Jobs, Fighting for our Future

Larry Scott


Meet Larry

Larry Scott is a consistent conservative champion, looking to serve the 42nd District in the New Mexico State Senate. Having lived in Hobbs, New Mexico since 1979, he has worked as an engineer in the oil and gas industry throughout his career.


Where Larry Stands

Larry Scott with Constituent

The 42nd District’s economic well-being is tied to the Permian Basin’s oil and gas industry. Unfortunately, that industry is under assault in Santa Fe. In 2019, progressive Democrats passed the New Mexico Green New Deal, which mandates that all electricity in our state must come from “carbon-free” sources by 2045.

This bill, the “Energy Transition Act,” signed by Michelle Lujan Grisham, places the oil and gas industry on the path to extinction in the next 25 years.

This will potentially eliminate every single job in the 42nd District.

The oil and gas industry also provides virtually all of the funds for the New Mexico education system. What will pay for the education of our children when it is gone?

Larry Scott is widely regarded as the foremost expert and best representative of the oil and gas industry in the New Mexico Legislature, and his #1 priority is supporting the industry that is profoundly critical, not just for the wellbeing of our community, but for that of the entire State. He will work tirelessly for the repeal of the New Mexico Green New Deal, which is the only way to save our jobs and preserve a future for our children.